Self-Defense Training

Self Defense ProgramWhile we strongly believe in all of the benefits of our program, we know that many people join the martial arts to learn how to protect themselves. The world can be a dangerous place, and people want the ability to handle difficult situations.

To keep yourself and others safe, you must be aware and alert to danger and have the confidence that you have the knowledge and ability manage a threat if it occurs.

At Focus Karate, students learn how to prevent a physical conflict before it occurs while learning the physical skills needed as a last resort. We emphasize how to identify dangers, stand up for yourself, and control a situation before it escalates. Students also learn self-defense techniques that allow them to end a conflict quickly, responsibly, and as safely as possible.

While the methods, likely dangers, and lessons vary among different age groups, the ultimate goal remains the same. There is no winning a fight; what matters is keeping yourself and others from harm.

That’s self-defense training is a core element of both our children and adult programs. Both defense and offensive skills are practice regularly, and students also learn ways to restrain attackers and escape danger.

If you are interested in seeing the self-defense benefits of our martial arts programs, we are pleased to offer a free one-week trial. Just fill out the form below or give us a call at (215) 330-1730.

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Our goal is for our students — kids, teen, and adults — to have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to stay safe and be able to defend themselves if attacked. However, we always balance this training with instruction on personal safety awareness, anti-bullying skills, and seeking alternatives to conflict.