Martial Arts Styles — About Our Art

Style of Martial Arts

Although people generally select a martial arts school for reasons other than which of the martial arts styles is taught at the school (see How To Choose a Martial Arts School) it’s still good to have a general understanding of the many styles of martial arts before selecting the best school for you.

Our martial art is called Tang Soo Do

While all martial arts teach discipline and self-defense, they often differ in technique and philosophy. The style of movement, the emphasis of certain types of strikes or throws, and the focus on personal defense or competitive fighting are just some of the differences you will see among schools and arts.

At Focus Karate, we teach the traditional Korean art of Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do, or “Way of the Open Hand,” emphasizes balance in both technique and in life. It blends defense, striking, throwing, and grabbing so that students can protect themselves in all situations. Students of Tang Soo Do learn that while perfection is impossible, one must always strive for personal growth and improvement.

We believe very strongly in the technique and style of Tang Soo Do as a martial art, but what makes Focus Karate special is that our training goes far beyond the kick, the punch, and the throw. We also place a strong emphasis on the personal character development of our students as we share the positives values of the martial arts.

While we are experts in teaching Tang Soo Do techniques, a large focus of our training is on developing the following personal attributes in our students:

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Focus and concentration
  • Self-discipline, self-control, and mental toughness
  • Social, interpersonal, and anti-bullying skills

The development of these personal attributes is inherent within all martial arts, but at Focus Karate, we put a special emphasis on maximizing our student’s potential in all aspects of their life. See Why Become a Student of Martial Arts to learn more about the benefits of martial arts training.

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